It’s truly the best I’ve felt about myself in soooo long. I felt confident in that dress. Like it was made for me. I know it sounds crazy but this dress made me realize the size in this dress is just a number. It doesn’t define me. It doesn’t classify me.
— Stephanie A.

Happy Clients

Amy will hand select items for you that are aligned with your personal style and that will flatter your figure. I loved the items she picked for me and the prices were ultra affordable. Shopping just became 100x easier for this lady!!!

— Amy M.

When I arrived at Worthy, Amy had already selected several pieces that she thought would fit my style. They were perfect! You get a stylist with your shopping experience! The prices are very affordable, and Amy will go above and beyond to find something that works for you.

— Ashley E.

This is great because now I am not depressed about what to wear but excited! A woman came up to me (at church) and said I was a beautiful mother.

— Gloria P.

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Great clothes at even better prices!

— Heidi K.

Stepped out of my comfort zone wearing dresses and a bikini. Just remember that as long as you love your body, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

— Gloria B.

I love my dress and have already worn it like five times!

— Melissa W.

I love my bathing suit so much and can't hardly wait to wear it!

— Christina N.

I'm wearing this straight out of the shop and to brunch.

— Kate J.

Great shop and selection! So convenient, and I love being able to try everything on!
— Bailey D.
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