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where do you find your clothes?

I'm looking for deals everywhere I go and online. If I see something stylish that I know you ladies will love at a great price, I buy it. That's one of the reasons not every style is available in all sizes. I get what I can when I see a good deal so that I can keep prices lower for my customers. 

What sizes do you carry?

Worthy currently carries sizes L/12 - 3x/24. If you need a larger size, I'm happy to get those in for you!

Can I buy your clothes online?

Currently, no. I want to give women an in-person shopping experience because fit is so important. 

Can i return an item?

Yes. The most important thing to me is that you're happy with your purchase. So long as the item is returned in its same condition, it will be refunded. Please keep your receipt and show it for return.

Do you have a store?

Not yet! For now, I'm keeping my overhead cost as low as possible to keep my prices affordable. The dream is to have a store for all of you lovely ladies to come and shop and trying on as often as you like!


What can i expect for my shopping appointment?

A boutique-style shopping experience that is just for you. I will select items based on your sizes and style, that way, you can shop things that are likely to fit and that you'll love.

Do you rent clothes?

To give women different, affordable options, you can rent clothes for special events and occasions. Rental option is available upon request.

Do you offer any discounts or promotions?

If anyone donates clothes to Worthy that are kept for resell, you will receive 20% off your next purchase. Occasionally, different promotions will run. Please check our Instagram and Facebook for promotions.

Why isn't every style available in all sizes?

Because I want to keep my prices low to provide affordable options in plus size, I buy up deals as I see them. This means that sometimes there is only one size available to purchase. I try to keep a variety of sizes and styles in each range to give you as many options as possible when you shop. If you don't see your size in something you love, just ask me, and I can see if I can get one in that's your size.